Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A farewell to the Euro Tournies!


Today was the last day of grinding the Euro tournies for a little bit as I will be embarking in a tournament leader board competition from Sunday limiting my play exclusively to Full Tilt and Poker Stars. Incoming variance, bad beats and hopefully mad profits. Who knows, would be nice!

I managed to blow up quite spectacularly today in the $44/6 max on Stars from 3/50 to finished in 38th, so the second 6-max tournament, I tried my best not to spew quite so hard. Alas, I did, but still managed to reach the final table in OK shape. The tourny was the $25rebuy that I final tabled on Sunday night. This time I managed to come in 1/6 and busted in 3rd for $1k and change. Not too bad and a profit for the day. It's a bit of a shame though about these iPoker rebuy tournaments don't have alot of play left in them when you reach the final table. They seem to become more like crapshoots really. Alas, still a good score and better than my last attempt. So maybe next time I'll ship the lot!? Would be nice!

Only a quick blog post today as I didn't realise how long this session would last and I still have a lot to do still as well as grab an early night!

GL at the felt all!


  1. You have made my day. One less annoyingly good euro grinder to stop me from making it late into tournies, i'm more likely to stop myself anyway but that's not the point! Good luck!

  2. 1K - does that mean you're on the up?!