Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Playing Live Again, top 14 uk tourny player in June!


I made a trip up to Dusk Til Dawn where I played on the Thursday and Sunday night, unfortunately missing the deepstack £330 as I had a big family party to attend on the Friday and Saturday.

Although specific hands are a bit vague in my mind now, as I didn't bring my laptop with me on the trip, I can summarise with how the sessions went!

On Thursday I played the £55 tournament with no success (surprise surprise lol!) and there was little going down in the way of non-NLHE cash. So I put myself on the waiting list for the £5/£5 dealers choice game as there was a pretty soft-ish line-up with 2 decent LAG's which I had position on fortunately. Well that night was a massive success with me winning something in the region of £1.1k from my £400 buy-in.

Sunday was a different story though. I got to the club really early at like 2pm and waited around playing a pretty slow game of £1/£2 holdem before the £150/£20k gtd started at 3pm. I think I played quite well in this as I do find it hard to keep focused and play an optimal game as live tournies are so god-damn slow. In the end I busted about 10 off the money (22/150 players roughly) when the CO opened 5x at 500/1000/100ante and I reshoved 16BB's with pocket kings. The CO snap called with aces and that was that! I still don't understand why people raise to such stupidly large amounts with premium pairs. His logic was that he didn't want to see a flop with them as they always get cracked. Sighh liveaments.

So anyway after that 3-4 hours spent folding folding folding I felt like some action and due to it being a series weekend there were some quite juicy cash games going on. There was a really juicy £1/£2/£4 game going where a few players had £2k+ stacks and it was typically £100+ open raises pre which is quite funny, but the waitlist was quite long and I didn't really feel like playing such a high-variance game at the time.

There was also a REALLY juicy £5/£5 PLO game going on which I was quite happy to sit-in. Pete Linton was STEAMING on tilt. He was potting every hand pre and was C-betting 90% of flops and following through on about 80% of turns with his hole range. It was pretty wild. I had direct position on him and so the wait began.

I sat down with £300 and soon doubled up through him when I flopped a wrap and top pair vs his mucked hand giving me about a £550 stack which I wound up to £700ish. This was really small compared to most other players on the table though.

And as soon as I had it, it went. I was dealt AcAsJs4d UTG for a pretty meh-ish ace's hand. I limped in partially for disguise, but also as the table was so aggro, it was quite likely it could get 3/4bet and I could quite happily get it all in. It also offered good deception if I flopped top set as I had been raising myself a fair bit and wasn't playing very passively.

There were a couple of callers and the button made it £20. Pete Linton inevitably repopped like he was for most of his hands to £80. I thought about repotting here but considering I would be struggling to get 25% of my stack in pre, I elected to just flat to save myself some very awkward post-flop situation. The button raiser then reshoved (with 2448 rainbow lol - told you it was a juicy game) and Pete Linton reshovved again to Iso. I called, as the favourite in the hand but only marginally 3-way. The 2448 hit a set of 4's which managed to hold resulting in me reloading again for £300.

After Pete lost his £3,500 he sat with (6 buy-ins) about an hour later, the table broke and I was down about £400ish.

About an hour later a £2/£2 PLO game started and instantly filled when a few randoms sat down at the table. In this one I was to have the better as I hit a few flops and managed to race my £200 stack to £800 quite quickly. From then for about an hour I was pretty card dead and getting a little frustrated as the other regs seemed to be getting all the fish's action whilst I was just slowly dwindling money missing flop after flop and getting dealt a bundle of shit too!

I then got dealt AAsQsJ in early position and limped in which got potted by MP, Re-potted in the SB and I repotted again getting about £400 of my £700 stack in. The SB was a really fishy chinese lady who had loads of gamble in her, playing every hand and basically acting like a complete maniac. She called my 5bet (or whatever it was) leaving us with £160 effective left in the £900ish pot.

The flop came with 4c2cjc. She led into me for £70 into the £900 pot leaving herself with £80 behind. Bitch!! I sigh-shoved in hoping it was some random spew and that she would just check-call my inevitable shove if she did have a flush.

Well she tabled AcKcKs2d. Fabulous. Now I rarely tilt, but after playing 12 hours, basically bubbling the £150 to a 5x moron and then getting it in as a massive favourite and losing in omaha despite hardly playing a hand for the past hour I was starting to grind my teeth a little. I mean I think it was the £70 donkbet into £900 which really set me off lol. I mean come on I was hardly going to fold anyway, any point trying to milk me lol!? The matter wasn't helped at all as the lady insta grabbed the chips and left sitting down at a hold'em table next to me with £100 after clinching the massive pot. LIFETILLLLLLLT.

At this point, it's either I spew off my remaining few £100 or take a break. And this time I wisely decided that I needed to clear my head with some fresh air and a break. Half an hour later I still wasn't too much in the mood to play so at 1am decided to call it a relatively early (?) night and head back to bed picking up a kebab on the way. Comfort food, maybe haha.

I arose at around 11am on Monday and started the drive back home after stopping off and having like the best curry ever at Tamatanga for breakfast/lunch/brunch. It was this spinach and Indian Cheese curry with corriander Naan. Sounds weird, sure, but it was so nice. Like unbelievable! Afterwards, I started my drive back south again stopping by at Bicester village near Oxford which is a designer outlet and decided to tilt-spend some of my weekend winnings. Although I profited about £700 on the weekend, it did feel like a loss because of Sunday. I bought a new Boss watch and some shirts from the sale at Ralph Lauren which I'm pretty happy about.

And that sort of brings us up-to-date! Played a spewy session last night when I was pretty tired from the drive and it didn't go too well. I did manage to come 20th in the pokerstars $109/$40k (550ish runners) but that wasn't quite enough to secure a profit for the day. I took the night off tonight, just playing computer games and watching TV really.

I think I'll start again tomorrow after new-found motivation that last month I finished 14th in the Pocket Fives UK leaderboard for June! It would take something special for me to finish in the top 10 for July as it's already the 8th and I think I've only put in two largely unsuccessful sessions so far! But that can all change ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to hit the gym hard, try to sort out my Neteller account so I can play on OnGame again and then hopefully have a great session on the felt!

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  1. UL with the live session on the sunday mate there was nothing you could do and you reacted in the best way possible in saving that 100 pounds. Look at where you have come from as well you ledge! Buying Ralph Lauren shirts and Boss watches now are we? Whats next a ferrari and a playboy bunny? :P

    BTW I won't let you better me dude. Gotta start pulling results outta the back to match your freakiness. I say bring on the nights of grinding and the days where we final table massive online tournies, cos after the last heads up battle we had, im calling for vengeance haha.