Monday, 13 July 2009

FML Sundays!


Sunday is always the big MTT day on every serious poker players calendar. It is when all the sites host their "major" events once a week. Typically these are about $200-$300 buy-ins and have lots of satellite winners and fish creating lots of nice dead money. However, they always get very large fields as well which can result in high variance and big losses! As well as lots of frustration.

Frustration. Yup that about sums up my night lol! Despite winning about £100 net it could have been one hell of a lot more. Unfortunately, the cards were not with me tonight. I managed to final table $109/$18k gtd on full tilt coming in 4/9 but busting in 8th to a very tough field.

I also got really really deep in the OnGame major, but got absolutely fucked over by the cards. I was over 60bb's deep with 20 to go, got 99v88 and AAv44 lost all in pre then ran AQ into AK in blind vs blind. Incredible! From an almost certain final table with some big money on the line, I managed to bust for next to nothing (well $1k, but first place was over $30k!). I guess this is the reality of the game we all love to hate eh!

Never mind, I'm looking forward to the grind next week with my new schedule anyway and going to give the majors another run for their money next week, and hopefully if I do get deep I won't get too fucked over by the cards. I really feel a massive score is close, I just need to keep getting myself in the situations like today by playing good solid poker.

Tomorrow night I'm going for a meal/cinema to see Bruno with a few friends which should be a laugh, so I guess the grind will have to wait til Tuesday!

Gl at the tables all!

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