Monday, 30 March 2009



A quick update today as I'm sort of rushed, so much in fact that I can't play tournies tonight!

Well, I've played on and off since the last post. Being back home now, I've been around and getting drunk/too hungover to be playing a lot lately. I was quite determined in my last blog entry to have a really hardcore SNG grind session, but then the reality hit me that 9-man SNG's are just insanely boring lol. The thing I like about MTT's is the changing dynamics and huge payouts. When playing SNG's everything seems same old, so much in so that you can play 100% perfect poker if you learnt ICM (basic push-shoving) to an art. This got very boring very quickly. I managed to make a bit of a profit but as I was only play $5 sng's this was nothing too special at all.

Anyway, back to why I am so busy! Tommorow I'll be heading up north to the Nottingham Norweigan Poker Championships. Although I'm not a Scandi or will be playing any tournaments up there I will be playing the juicest cash games on the planet! Last year was just mental, including the whole tabling straddling (so most people were all in blind), 4 way all ins with A-high winning and such-like. I've withdrawn £600 from Boss to play around with. I'll sit at the £1/£2 tables with £100 each time and hope I don't go busto too fast! So that will be Tuesday and Wednesday night sorted.

I'll drive back home on Thursday and then straight onto a plane to (not quite so) sunny Barcelona! My friend is staying there working at a programming company so I thought why not take advantage of the cheap Ryan Air flights and free accomodation. I'll be taking my camera so hopefully get a few nice photos up. It will be a nice break from poker before the Pokerstars SCOOP begins the following week.

On the online front, I played last night and went deep in about 4 tournaments. Managed to come 4th in the $33 on party poker (despite being 1/4 but loosing 3 big races). I also came about 80th/4000 in the $27/$35k gtd on full tilt, 427/30,000 in the $11 tourny on stars for like 3 buyins (lol). And 36/3348 in the $5rebuy loosing a huge pot with JJ to 10 10 which was slightly lame. But then again, welcome to donkaments ;).

Hope all is good for everyone else. I'll update with how Norweigan cash games go! Hopefully it will be on a very positive note!


  1. Good luck in the cash games at dtd, may see you up there on Wednesday night.. if not have a good break in spain.

  2. I hate you, your going to spain while im stuck grinding sngs. Seems so unfair! Gonna enjoy going with u on weds night to destroy the cash games, however, wanna see if you were genuine in saying that a lot of fish play there.

  3. I agree with you on the SNG front. I'm trying to clear a bonus at the mo that works out at 43% rakeback if you play tournaments but they bore me to fucking death and I'd want to kill myslef after three hours grinding!

  4. gl gl
    sounds like a fun game