Friday, 6 March 2009

Getting pumped for the weekend!

I'm making my comeback! Yup, I've managed to sell 50% of my action for the DTD £330 deepstack again this month so I'll be taking another shot. The last couple of days I've really been focusing on my game, watching strategy videos and discussing hands where I think my play wasn't the best with other poker players and discussing alternate ways of playing hands. I'm so ready for some live deepstack too.

Online I havn't had too much success. I've just been playing exclusively on the crypto network lately, with the two highlights being 3rd in the $22/$1500 gtd for like $180 and the NTX 2000 £20/£2000 in 6th I think for a not too fantastic result. I have slacked a little in volume this week by staying away from the other main sites I play on but this volume will be trippled when I'm back home in Easter and will be hardcoring it most nights.

What else have I been busy with? Well, last night was pretty awesome. It was my friend Hassan's birthday and a load of us drove down in 5 cars to Birmingham for a meal. We ended up at Jimmy Spice, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring foods from all over Asia and Italy. Some of it was so so good like some of the curries. And I always love the little chinese starters like spring rolls. After we all rolled out the restaurant we hit a shisha joint nearby. For those that don't know, shisha (or hookah as the Americans call it) is a bong-like instrument where you can smoke flavoured tobacco and when u breathe out theres so much smoke so that you can do rings and other tricks. It's a really nice play to chill with people and as there was getting on 20 of us, really good time to sit back, chat and smoke.

I've been to a few shisha cafes before around the country and this was by far the best I've been to. The flavours were so strong and the smoke was so thick. It was just perfect! They had some really weird combinations as well like 'cola and strawberry'. Myself, Jin, Mike and Usman chose "extreme's" which was a secret tobbaco mix recipe exclusive to this venue. All we could establish was that the base of the shisha (where water goes) was replaced with lemon juice and ice (and possibly rosewater). But it was the nicest smoke I've ever had. It's a shame Birmingham is over an hours drive away or I'de be down there all the time.

On a side note, my friend Chris from home has just arrived in Texas, USA for an 8 week stay in a $1million mansion with the SNGIcons guys. How amazing! A poker house with the top sng specialists in the world. I expect his game to improve 56839x over the period and can really see him making a lot of money this year. I wanted to challenge myself to make more money than Ant this year but it looks like I could have another contendor! Best of luck mate, have a great time out there!

Tonight, I'm going with a few of the guys into Nottingham for a bit of a pub crawl and just a general piss-up. Should be fun as always, but I'll try not to drink too much as I want to be 100% A-game tommorow night for the DTD deepstack!

Hope all is well!

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  1. Good to meet up with you at dtd, I have no doubt we'll catch up on the circut again real soon. Be lucky at the tables ;-)