Monday, 2 March 2009

F U February!

February was by far the worst month I've ever had in the year+ of playing poker. Really brutal. About 10 final table bubbles of big touraments where either hands didn't hold or I lost big flips. As a result my roll has been depleted somewhat.

I'll be playing the usual mix when I do play online, but will be dropping the full tilt $75 and $20 rebuys as I am no longer rolled for these. It was a very frustrating month, as initially it went off to a flying start with my bankroll soaring over the £5k mark, yet the inevitable downward side of variance has slapped me in the face pretty hard since the first week for a horrible 3 week downswing where every session had losses. This has turned my year so far to be completely break even regardless of the number of hours I've put in thus far. Really annoying but what do you do! The funny thing is that if i hadn't played the live deepstack events I would have merely broken even on the month. But alas!

Today I had a better session that the last couple of days and managed to win the £1400 gtd tourny. This is in fact the 3rd time I've done. I also scraped a minimum cash in the $215 $750k tournament on full tilt which i satelitted into. It was actually a really nice tournament and I had Erick Lindgren to my left for a good portion too (and he spoke to me woot!). Shame I didn't do better but from a mixture of card dead and playing like a pussy near the bubble, nothing was to become of this!

My February goals were as follow:

-£1000 profit
-epic fail. Was my first big loosing month since November
-Playing my A-Game in the monthly DTD Deepstack
-I think I played well in this tournament. Was out on a pretty brutal beat but poker is all about making the correct decisions, so i'm happy here.
-Watch at least 5-6 videos this month
-Yup, some points have definately helped my game out a bit
-Take a few shots at the prelims of the GUKPT Walsall
-Shots taken, ran terribly. Probably a mistake but still was really fun and good experience
-Get into a good grinding pattern online to help get good volume which will in turn help me to afford taking shots at some of these live deeper stacked games.
-Got a good grinding pattern, shame I ran terribly! Definately not a problem with volume though
-DO NOT play live cash at my C-Game but just quit when I'm not feeling like playing!
-Problem solved by not playing any live cash this month!

Anyway, optimistically onto March! Here are my goals!

1) Get onto the online grind again. Moving down the limits slightly and no more shot taking

2) Get back into a good eating/work out lifestyle. Fitness and clear thought seem to go hand in hand so this is a must

3) Dedicate some nights away from poker each week to chill with friends/go out with my girlfriend/go clubbing etc. The breaks will do me good!

4) Stop slacking during the day before tournys begin. Get studying for my uni exams!

5) Keep reading and researching my game every day. Constantly trying to plug leaks.

6) By the end of April i want the bankroll back over £5000 again.

7) Play a little bit of low stakes PLO to mix up the games a bit!

8) No more live shot taking this month. PERIOD.

Well I hope everyone else had a better February than me. Let's hope March is the big comeback month! Bring it!

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