Friday, 13 March 2009

Rebuilding low variance style!


I'm trying to replenish my online rolls on various sites by taking advantages of various bonuses. Party have allowed me a $100 bonus if i play a ton on their site. I started out with some 25nl, got bored really quickly, switched to 25plo, won 3 buyins in 15 minutes but the limpfest of low limit plo was just too frustrating!

So I'm going to be mass multitabling the speed sng's. When i say mass, i mean 9, but due to the limited time per hand it feels like 18 tabling on stars. I started with the $6 sng's this morning and I'm up over $100 in the first 18 i've played. (bit of a heater maybe?). So I'm moving up to the $10 sng's and hopefully in the next couple of days be at the $20 ones.

Tonight I'm going to head to Dusk Til Dawn with a friend to hit the cash tables. I'll probably sit down with £100 at £1/£2 or £0.5/£1 depending on the players and nittyness! I've just got to stay away from the £2/£2 omaha. I've probably won the most at that table, but the variance is huge, and I would be lieing to say I havent ran hot their previously. The biggest pot I think I've won was a 4 or 5 way all in on that PLO table for £800 (shame I only had about £200 commited!). I got it in with AK78ssdd and managed to flop the nuts which was nice! But that was a long time ago!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend at the tables. Will update on Sunday with how I did if not before!

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