Thursday, 12 March 2009

The past week

Hey all!

I hope everyones doing well! The £330 was a partial success. When I say partial is because I got off to such a good start doubling up in the first level when I flopped the nut straight vs a set of aces. So a bit of a cold deck for the other guy, but with blinds only at 25/50 and with me having a 20,000 stack I had plenty of room to manoveure. From this 20,000 stack I managed to grind up without showdown to around 52,000 at the end of the day with 103 players left, top 36 paid.

Day 2 on the other hand. Epic fail! Having had not too much sleep I arrived at DTD kind of blurry eyed with Andi who came exclusively for the weekends cash games. The first 45 minutes I was completely card dead but managed to increase my stack up to 61,000 staying ahead of average the whole way. But then it happened with about 70 players left. I had been pretty card dead and in the next 2 levels I must have been involved in 5 opens, 4 of which were reraised when I just had marginal holdings like KQ, 66, a9suited etc. which I had to fold. I know as I'm young I automatically get seen as a LAG online kid who's always raising with shit, but as the antes were climbing I had genuine hands but not hands good enough to go to showdown. I'm pretty sure I wasn't getting 3-bet light either as 3/4 times I was shown aces. Just kind of in the wrong spot at the wrong time I guess.

After getting slightly cold decked in SB to BB confrontations, which in retrospect I don't think I played well for what its worth, I was left with an 11bb stack. Folded to me on the button and I shoved A8suited, called by KQ and that was that! For what its worth I was knocked out by Beppe from East Enders so at least it wasn't too bad. At the time I was thinking how the hell can you call with that, but I think against my range of holdings (much worse kings etc.) that I'm shoving in the situation it wasn't a terrible call with the antes. It was however for 2/3 of his stack. Still suprised he snapped, but there you go!

I've changed my online schedule and I am instead trying out the day time tournaments for the meanwhile. There's only 2 more weeks of Uni left before we break up for Easter and the evenings are becoming increasingly busy. So instead I'm trying out the day time tournaments and finding that with the smaller fields and spewy play they can potentially be quite profitable. Next week I think I may be playing evenings again as PKR has a series going on which will be mega soft I'm sure, but that all depends if I can deposit on the site!

I've also decided to focus on trying to play 4 tables at a time rather than say 15. It has dawned on me that I'm not as good as I want to be, and although I am in a bit of a downswing it certainly doesn't help by making rushed decisions and getting into super marginal situations without needing to. As a result, I'm sticking to 4 tables. I bought SNGPowertools to help me with my push-shove game as I think I have some work to do in that (like working out is it profitable to shove 89suited from the hijack with 11 big blinds at the ante stage etc.). Hopefully this too will help improve my game and I'll increasingly get myself in more deep spots in tournaments. I tested out the software a bit this morning and went on a mini-heater playing 4 turbo $16 sng's on pokerstars and winning 3 of the 4. Investment paid for already!

Anyway, I hope my volume isnt too slack coming up to Easter, but during the holidays I'll be playing like a mad-man and hopefully my bankroll will reflect this!

On a side note, awesome job Ant for chopping the £250 livament last night! £5k, you beast!! I'll never catch up at this rate lol!

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