Thursday, 26 March 2009

Update on the party poker sng grind!


As it turns out I won't be playing any more party poker SNG's this week as I'm leaving to visit a friend in Cheltenham soon for some partying and to have some generally degenerate drunk times. I've now completed 40% of the $100 bonus so it's coming along quite nicely. Last night I managed to play 50 of the speed SNG's to be down like $25. Bit lame but due to the nature of them needing to be all in alot you can imagine it's pretty swongy. In total I've played 130 games running at 16% ROI which is quite good. However, as said its a minute sample size. I think I'll look over a few of my pushing decisions to check that I'm making +ev shoves. I'll also have a look at an ICM calculator as I'm sure this is a leak in my game as yesterday I did seem to bubble ALOT.

When I return on Friday, I'll be hammering the Full Tilt 45 mans trying to win some goodies in their SNG March Madness competition that is going on over the weekend. Other than that, Sunday will be a typical day on the grind where I hope I can run good and take down a massive tournament!

I've only played a single digit amount of SNG's on full tilt (for which im down $50 which isn't so terrible as I was mainly playing $33-$27 games at the time). So I'll be able to update at the end of the weekend with a graph showing how I did in those tournies! If it can look anything like my friend Cjcgrafic (sharkscope him on full tilt) who has moved out to a SNG house in Texas for 2 months, then I'll be a very happy bunny.

Laters all!

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