Saturday, 14 March 2009

Live Cash: Why do I ignore thee!?

Live cash has been so profitable for me in the past but I seem to not put the effort in to hunt these cash games down. They are so so so much more profitable (and fun) than online cash games. Tonight was no exception. I was lucky enough to greet a few drunks and wealthy gamblers at my £1/£2 table tonight at Dusk Til Dawn which was super-fishy compared to usual. Nevertheless I got stuck right in and built up to a £500ish stack.

I sucked out majorly with my first £100 getting it in on a 10 9 2 board and cracking pocket kings to a maniac. He wasn't impressed. But at the end of the night lost over £100 with flush over flush so I guess this all levels out ;).

During the day today I continued my SNG grind on party poker 9 tabling the speed games. I think these are also very profitable. If there is one thing that I've learnt this year so far due to my downswing is that exclusive tournament play without being backed or without using a 200 buy-in rule really is a big risk and you have to be willing to face up and move down stakes if you hit a bad run. I mean everyone gets them. I feel like I'm particularly unlucky whilst in reality, if I didn't have a loosing month or two playing exclusively multi-table tournaments I'de have to be blessed by the Gods or have a super-user account!

I think in future therefore, as I want to continue having tournaments as my speciality and main-game to also have SNG sessions and live cash sessions which with significantly reduced variance will help me to cope with the inevitable swings associate with large field tournament poker.

On a non-gambling front, I watched the film Into The Wild . It's so awesome, seriously. Here's a trailer for anyone interested.

I have to also point out my favourite two songs at the moment.


Hope everyone enjoys them! Good luck at the tables all!

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