Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Springfest on PKR

This week I've been trying my luck on the infamous PKR. As can be expected due to software restraints that making multitabling nigh on impossible, and the computer-game like feel the standard of play on the site is really bad. Most good regulars on other networks rely on multitabling, tracking software and the like to earn their wages. But PKR seems to just be a sheltered pond of fish, far from the sharky oceans of Pokerstars and Full Tilt at any rate!

So I deposited $100 on the site to give the final week of the series a bash. There seems to be a bit of an overlay and also if I play over 3 events I get into into quite a nice freeroll. So that look's good too!

The first tourny I entered was the $33 pot limit holdem tournament. I managed to cash in it for $68 which was meh, but the structure began to get disgustingly bad near the end with the average stack on my table being around 9-10bbs. There were no antes either and as it was Pot Limit rather than no limit, you can only shove first time round if you have less than 4 big blinds. This meant pumping pre and in many cases shoving any flop. Tactically, I think it then becomes more optimal to reshove wider and call more OOP. For instance if the CO full pots with say 8big blinds, and you have some marginal holding like 9-10 suited in the big blind. With the good odds you get and the fact that if you hit you KNOW you're going to get paid off, calling becomes more profitable. So that was a bit of fun. It would have been nice to final table as first was getting on over $3k but alas! Another day I'm sure ;)

The second tournament I entered of the series was today: $6 PLO 6-seated rebuy. As you can imagine this was wild with several players on my table playing every hand and misunderstanding the concept that you need to play with 2 cards out of your hand not 3. After spending like $50 on rebuys (yeh it was that wild!)I managed to get a pretty big stack before the addon after getting the 2nd nut flush all in vs the table chip leader who had the bare ace in his hand assuming that he could just use 1 card from the 4 dealt to him. Next time it would probably be to his advantage if he read the rules first! I built up a progressively big stack throughout the tournament, but lost a huge pot with a set vs a flushdraw/overpair (which is very standard in omaha)and subsequently lost AAxx to a rundown in a big 4 bet pot 20 places off the money. Not too bothered though as it was actually quite fun and there seems to be a slightly more personal feel being able to chip shuffle and boo your opponents on the virtual felt than you get on say, stars which I find to be very impersonal.

Tommorow I'll give the $20/$15k gtd a go and see if I can cash big there!

Besides PKR I've been playing on loads of sites mainly 4 tabling. Although I have to say I think due to the sheer volume of the sites (8 in total) I'm playing on, my quality of play has been reduced and I'm not concentrating on reads inbetween hands and note taking. As a result of this I think other than PKR, for the rest of the week I'll be sticking to just playing on the boss network and really trying to get good notes on the players. On crypto I had built up quite a collection on a lot of the regs and knew how many played. This helped me alot and may be one of the factors for my success on the site.

I think that boss is nice. The tournament structure is good. Maybe the payouts could be a little wider say like 14%, as at the moment it seems around 8%ish which means cashing is quite a rarity. It also seems quite impersonal in comparison to crypto as there is less banter at the tables and no customisation. The names are also written small so it's hard to remember who's who. But if I just stick to this for the rest of the week and get some good notes going I'm sure it will all be fine and I'll learn to love it!

Other than that, I'll balance the MTT grinding with partypoker speed tournaments (and will show my sharkscope on Friday be up or down - no pressure to myself). I'll continue with the PKR Springfest series this week. And on the weekend I'll be playing the 45mans on Full Tilt for their SNG March Madness promotion to see if I can bag any prizes!

Good luck at the tables all!


  1. GL with PKR. I love the site but I agree with you when you talk about the structures as they are horrific!

    Also, good luck when it comes to cashing out, often takes 7-10 business days to get back to Neteller, awful IMO!

  2. thx for comment! Yeh, I'm giving the $22 a go tonight, will just 1 table while watching TV though as the new season of the apprentice is out lol!