Monday, 23 March 2009

Going to bed with a smile on my face...


Uni term is finally over and I drove back down South today. The roads were suprisingly empty and the weather was amazing. I had got my car waxed the previous day so it was glinting in the sun with the windows down and it was such a nice drive back. It's really nice to be home in a clean house again! Not that I don't love Nottingham where I study at uni and my flat mates. It's just that flat will not stay clean! When I say it's not clean, this isn't leaving an odd magasine lying about. This is beer bottles, cigarettes, leftover food all over the floor. It's honestly a hazard site, I'm suprised we haven't created some new viral strain that will wipe out humanity. Oh and for those that know me, it was also really good coming back for a Sunday roast!

Having chilled with the family and settled back in I loaded the tables up in the evening and see what I can make from my shattered roll. I decided to play the $11/$2.5million on stars, $11rebuy on stars, $22/double deuce on full tilt and just fill the rest up with tournaments that were registering so that I was 4-5 tabling. Now that I'm playing on so many sites it makes mass-multitabling almost impossible due to overlay/different layouts etc. It also occured to me that my tournament game is far far far from an optimum. As such, I don't think I can be playing robotic 10 tabling+ as I'm sure those rushed decisions would be poor. After my recent downswing I've really been trying to analyse each individual situation and get as many reads as possible. Whether this is a better strategy than getting sick volume in I don't know. At least looking at the bankroll statement at the end of every night isnt as bad if I only min-cash in a couple afer playing 30 tournaments!

So tonight I also loaded up a couple of the nightlys on Betfair ($22 and $11 respectively) as well as a few on iPoker, the midnight oil on OnGame and the €3500 gtd deepstack on the boss network as well as a few on stars/full tilt.

I only cashed in one tournament tonight after 2 bubbles on Pokerstars. But was that a cash to be proud of!

This was my first tournament I'de played on the DTD software since their move and I really am not going to complain at all! A slight cause for concern is that although this is a "deepstack" tournament, I arrived on the final table as 2/10 with just 21 big blinds, so the average was just over 10 big blinds. The final table wasn't too tough and I ended heads up vs the toughest opponent on the table. Heads up was over very fast after getting it on with 67 on a a377ssxx board vs k5ss. So he was drawing very thin and I held! Ship it!!

So so so happy now. It's so relieving to finally take down another tournament. It feels like it's been so long and as a tourny player it's what we live for!

Hope everyone took advantage of the nice weather this weekend! Speak soon!

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