Thursday, 19 March 2009

Changes Changes Changes...


The past week poker has been more on the back-foot. I've played selectively live and the occasional online tournament but the volume has definately decreased. After my recent bad run it gets increasingly depressing going deep and loosing massive, important coin flips time after time on final table bubbles or just really deep. Regardless I made two final tables on party poker, which has to be a good thing!

The $33 freezeout was a bit of a disappointment as I came in 2/10 but was surely after 9/9 when queens couldnt hold vs QK all in preflop! But that's tournament poker for you ;).

Instead I've been having some nice success live. Tonight, I went down to DTD at around 1amish to see if there were any juicy games. I sat down with £100 at a £1/£2 table with reloads in my pocket if needed. In the first hour I came to a £250ish stack after cold-decking the gentlemen to my right when I flopped a set of queens on a Q86 board vs his pair of kings. Nothing could have really been done there but I'll take it. It's nice to run good live at least!

The table broke a few hands later, so (foolishly?) I decided to remove my buyin for the day and freeroll the £2/£2 dealers choice game. Hahaha! Paduki?! Super Stud?! speak it motherfucker!?

I started off playing really tight and checking out the players. Automatically spot the wealthy Greeks pot, pot, potting every street. I quickly learnt the rules of the games, but it takes a little longer to understand ranges and relative hand values. For instance, paduki is a 3-draw game where by the objective is to have the 4 cards in your hand all being off-suit and non-paired. The nut hand is a rainbow a-4. Now I may be originally dealt a 2h 4d 10s 6d with just the suited 6 on the first drawing round. I was stuck whether to discard two or one here. This probably made me a bit of an under-dog in these games, so I played a lot tighter than most whilst observing and having fun getting to grips with the games.

I managed to double through vs a regular there in Super Stud. This is a game that is played similar to hi-lo however you are dealt 5 cards down and choose the 2 you want in the hole and the one shown up and discard the other 3. Confusing? Yeh it was lol! Anyway I was dealt 10 10 10 x x and obviously decided to play my trips. The table was very aggressive so I limped under the gun planning on shoving any pot bet. Everyone called but no raise this time. I managed to get it in on 4th street repping a flush and boated with the last hidden card which was nice vs a busted flush draw/low. So I was kind of lucky he bricked and kind of lucky I paired. Not sure of the %'s remotely but I guess we were flipping on the last card.

Unfortunately my £250 stack dwindled £150 playing 6 card omaha hi when i turned the nut straight (with nut redraw hearts) but the river paired forcing me to tank/fold having put a large portion of my stack in. Kindly the fellow showed me the boat when I passed.

In the end, I walked out up £130 on the night, which is by no means bad! It was good fun to play the mixed games, but I must be such a fish vs a decent line out and the variance especially in some of these draw games must be ridiculous! People complain about the variance in normal omaha. Try adding 2 more cards lol! The sucksouts and resuckouts are pretty crazy.

Anyway, back to the online front. I shall be returning my online grind next week when I go home for the Easter holidays. Unfortunately it seems Nottingham break up earlier than most uni's so none of my mates will be back for a week. I guess this means I should be able to get in good volume anyway! And hopefully good profits! I have decided to respread my rolls meaning I will have money on the following networks (breath)...iPoker, Boss, Ongame, Betfair, Party, Stars, Full Tilt.

Previously I've taken the line of having say £100ish on a few sites and playing my usual buy-in shots and redepositing if I bust it taking money out one of my other accounts/live funds (which is super likely playing $55 freezeouts with a $140 roll etc.). However, this is really quite demotivating if you have to redeposit like 3/4 times a month on some sites as you don't cash in 10 tournies running or whatever (which is super standard). So instead I'll try and just boost the rolls playing low stakes cash (zzz) or preferably sng's to rebuild my rolls if they start to dip below a certain point.

Sorry for the long dribble session I've just forced upon you! Hope all is well for everyone at the tables! Good luck!


  1. Not even a mention of the Cryptologic dispansion! How very dare you!

  2. lol woops i had so much to say. Crypto closing was the inspiration for the "changes, changes, changes" title!

  3. Did you mean Badugi instead of Paduki? I tink Stars run games for it now.

    6 card Omaha? Fuck me, you must be mental, "normal" Omaha does my head in with the variance!

    If you like other games, try the Entraction netwrok, a few different games like telesina and Soko on there