Sunday, 1 February 2009

A review of January!


A quick blog today. Just to sum up January. Well, it went really well at the start and in total i netted a profit of £748. This included roughly £200 from online cash games which was nice as I managed to play 5000 hands and it can help to slowly reduce the variance that tournament play brings with it.

On the other hand, the end of the month was a bit more sucky and the BR has dipped below £4k again. Never fear, i withdrew some and maybe got over-cocky with my game.

For February, i plan on:
-£1000 profit
-Playing my A-Game in the monthly DTD Deepstack
-Watch at least 5-6 videos this month
-Take a few shots at the prelims of the GUKPT Walsall
-Get into a good grinding pattern online to help get good volume which will in turn help me to afford taking shots at some of these live deeper stacked games.
-DO NOT play live cash at my C-Game but just quit when I'm not feeling like playing!

Hope you all had a good January and bring on February!

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