Monday, 9 February 2009

One huge weekend of poker

After my massive (and unsuccessful) run at Dusk Til Dawn in the monthly £330 and £165 tournys I felt like the online grind was needed! So i loaded up about 28-30 tournaments from 7pm-midnight on a few networks.

Somehow I managed to luckbox my way to taking two down on crypto so that was a really nice result. It's the second time I've taken down the £33/£1500 gtd. I took a shot at the £110/£35k gtd tonight but unfortunately luck wasn't with me as my aces got cracked for a nice large pot vs kings. But hey, what do you do eh ;). I was slightly dissapointed on Stars tonight though as I had a really really nice run in the $55/$80k gtd and was like 6/550 but then lost two HUGE flips with AK in the same orbit and ended up bubbling it. One day i will make a decent final table on pokerstars or tilt i swear!! It's alot harder on these sites as not only is the play alot better but dodging the minefield of 5000 person tournaments is ridiculous variance. But maybe one day ;)

My plan is to now have my "online" nights as Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and "live" playing £55 tourny and £1/£2 cash on Thursdays and Saturdays. But this depends on other factors like social life/work/family events etc.

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