Thursday, 26 February 2009

My new online tournament schedule!

7:15pm: Pokerstars $3 rebuy ($40k gtd)
7:30pm: Full Tilt $22 rebuy ($17k gtd)

8:00pm: Full Tilt $26 ($13.5k gtd)
8:00pm: Crypto £55 (£10k gtd)
8:15pm: Pokerstars $11 ($10k gtd)
8:30pm: Full Tilt $55 ($20k gtd)
8:30pm: Crypto £27 (£800 gtd)

9:00pm: Pokerstars $11 rebuy ($70k gtd)
9:00pm: Full Tilt $75 ($22.5k gtd)
9:00pm: Party Poker $55 ($20k gtd)
9:10pm: Crypto £33 (£6k gtd)
9:15pm: Party Poker $11 rebuy ($5k gtd)
9:30pm: Party Poker $9 rebuy ($10k gtd)

10:00pm: Crypto £33 (£1.4k gtd)
10:30pm: Crypto $22 ($1.3k gtd)

11:00pm: Full Tilt $26 ($21k gtd)
11:00pm: Pokerstars $5 rebuy ($50k gtd)
11:00pm: Party Poker $33 ($7k gtd)
11:00pm: Crypto £15 (£2.5k gtd)

12:00pm: Crypto £22 (£1500 gtd)

Total Buyin $: 517
Total Buyin £: 185

Total Buyin: £547
Average Buyin: £27.35

Preliminary Thoughts: The average buy-in is below 1% of my bankroll and I have factored in on average 4 buyins for the rebuys (and 6 for the lower ones like $3rebuy as they are wild). There are 20 tournaments in total which means I will be multitabling and as such I may have to start cutting down on a few tables if I believe my game is suffering. I think I will have the most trouble around the 11pm mark as the 8pm/9pm tournaments that I’m in I will be getting deep in now and will need to concentrate more on them than the early stages of these other tournaments.

I think I will use this tournament structure for a week and see how it fares and how my bankroll handles it and re-evaluate next Sunday to see where I am!

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