Monday, 16 February 2009

Terrible finish to the week

Well the week started very well, but I finished the week £410 down which really sucks. I think today I have had the worst luck imaginable. It's pretty unreal, including 21st in the $109 on party poker (bubble), 10/573 in the $20rebuy on full tilt loosing a 60/40, 25/1150 in $75 freezeout and loosing AA to KK in the $215. It's really really demotivating loosing money when getting so so close to huge scores. But one day I will crack that elusive final table on one of the big ones. Many times this week I was just a coinflip away from having a huge UP week but alas such is life.

In review I feel as if I have played well this week but have just been extremely unfortunate. I was 1-outered in the $75 freezeout on tilt for chip lead with nut full house vs a guy who hit a straight flush and if that held would have certainly made the final table where first prize is over $15k. Sigh.

This coming week I am going to stop taking shots at the $109 on party poker. Although I have consistently placed in the top 1/3 and was a coinflip away from a large prize today, the buy-in is having too much pressure on my bankroll. As a result, I will continue to grind the £55 buyin and less on crypto, the $33 $8r and $55 nightlys on party and may well continue playing on full tilt. I hope that this week turns out to be more successful than the one just passed as the following week is the GUKPT which I hope to play a few prelim events for. Maybe all of my run-good is saved for then? Who knows.

This week I'll probably play online 2-3 nights then chill ready for some live pokers at the weekend and onwards!

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