Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I run good at lower buy ins!

Continuing my run of failering the larger buy in tournaments I continue to run well at lower buy-in tournies on crypto. I guess its a good thing in a way as it allows me to keep a steady flow of income as the higher buyins can take nasty hits to the bankroll. I really hope i final table the £6k or £9k on DTD soon as I'm down on both big time. I just can't seem to win flips there! Not that I should be whining with how 2009 has shaped up too far. I think optimism is key to sucessful tournament poker as the beats can be very mentally straining and discouraging in online tournaments which in turn lead to tilt and bad play which worsen the matter.

Anyway I was unfortunately bubble boy on the $33 and $55 party poker tonight, so that wasn't too good but managed to take down the $22/$1.3k gtd and came 7th in the Late Action $27/$1.8k gtd.

Playing online again tommorow night so i will final table one of the bigger buy in tournaments! Come onn!!!

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