Saturday, 31 January 2009

Spiralling down, down, down.


I seem to have had my run-good bug smashed and i'm seeing the other side of that mofo we call variance. I've lost 11% of my bankroll in the past 3 days from constant beats. This doesn't seem alot % wise but its the biggest monetary loss i've ever had. Which is of course bound to happen as you move up in stakes and play higher buy-in tournaments. I can't seem to have hands hold which are well ahead in the games im taking shots in (like the £55 at DTD). Sigh...

So I'm going to take this week off poker as although i don't feel like I'm tilting I still don't think that I am playing my A-game. It's more like my C-game at the moment. I'm not even trying to put opponents on hand-ranges and getting annoyed when c-bets fail etc. I have the biggest tournament of my life coming up next week so I really don't want this burnt out feeling to last.

As a result, I will take up until wednesday night off where I shall start watching some poker videos and doing some further reading to get myself pumped for Saturday!

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  1. You will be fine, i think the break will be good to you as it's easy not to be at your best when you have played too much. And with the £330 DTD tourney being the biggest tourney of your life, you shouldn't see it as such if you want to do well in it, just treat it as a tournament you are likely to see better play in, because as you know you can be the best in the world and still lose so don't worry about it. Look forward to seeing you up there but not at the tables :)