Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Woops, it's back to the grind!


I had really good fun participating in my first major tournament series, the GUKPT Walsall. Unfortunately, my shots didn't pay off as I failed to cash in the two events I played. It was however really nice travelling to a series (apart from the actual travel part) particular a ranked series. However, it's time to face up to reality and realise that although I think I still have an edge in these tournaments from travel expenses and the buy-ins I'm still not quite rolled yet for the various of larger field live events just yet. So it's back to the tables for the grind to rebuild my bankroll. Unfortunately I'm still failing to win flips at the crucial times but this is all standard tournament variance which I'm fully aware of and love playing the deepstack events.

However, in future I think I will stay a bit closer to home to keep the costs down and try and hit the GUKPT and other series harder when I can afford the variance. Don't get me wrong, it was not a totally degenerate shot I took, but it was still above my average buy-in level that I should be playing with this bankroll. As a result, I'll get back online and continue grinding out for the next couple of weeks and re-evaluate. I'm a little off my easter target which I aim to meet in two weeks, and it would be a really nice achievement to regain that £5k bankroll mark by Easter. Lady luck wasn't with me in Walsall but I must move on and put that behind me keeping optimistic for the future.

I decided that I will play the £55 locally at DTD this week then start again online next week coming up to the DTD deepstack and try to sell shares again like I did last time for the main event. I'll keep you all updated with how I do!

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