Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Big Sunday!

Having missed last Sundays online grind by playing (and not cashing) in the DTD monthly series, I am quite looking forward to hitting the tables on Sunday night. My bankroll has dipped slightly below the £5k mark again and after running pretty bad the last few days, but everyone does and I doubt anyone wants to hear the stories anyway! I'm trying to keep this blog optimistic ;)

So the plan is to load up every guaranteed tournament on DTD that I usually play and similarly with Party Poker. It's a real shame, but lately I have been having bad connection issues with Pokerstars so can't play there it seems until I go home from uni in Easter. I was planning on taking a shot at the Sunday Million this week with a direct buy-in, but I'll save my $215.

Lately I've been taking shots at the midnight $109 on party poker, which seems to be OK. I have yet to cashed (in the 2 attempts - standard), but think if I start to mix this in with the regular schedule I can be quite successful in it. There is certainly a lot of bad play in it. I was thinking of playing a major on full tilt, like the $215 Sunday Mulligan, but I'm leaning away from that now, as not only am I taking an underrolled shot, but it gets a sick amount of runners including the best online tournament players in the world. So to begin with I'll stick to just shot taking at the £110 crypto major and the $215 Party major. I am underrolled for these but mixing in other tournaments like $22 freezeouts and $3rebuys, my average buy-in decreases so that the average buy-in for the night is still less than 1%.

I think tommorow is going to be a make or break night. I really really hope my internet doesn't play up like it did last night whilst I was on the grind, as not only do a loose a bunch of equity being sat out as the internet kept disconnecting, but it caused me to tilt a bit which very rarely happens.

So tommorow is going to be a big day, after the session I'll update with my cashes on the blog and re-evaluate for the following week what tournament stakes I'll be playing!

Just to quickly finish, congrats to Ant for taking down the £55/£9k gtd for £2.7k last night. Awesome score, and by the sounds of things, a much needed bankroll booster! I managed to min cash it for £90 myself but came 12th after being 1/15 by first calling a 5bbs stack all in with K10 from the BB but unfortunately ran into the top of his range: JJ. Then calling a 10BB's stack all in with AQ to run into A10 who went on to river his straight vs me leaving me with like 1BB. But there's always another day! So good job to mr Ant. Hopefully he'll donate someback my way on Sunday when i crusify him headsup in the £110/£35k :)

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