Sunday, 8 February 2009

The £330 deepstack!

This week has been pretty busy for me on and off the felt. I took a bit of a break from poker coming up the £330 as I was starting to feel a little burnt out and wanted to be on my A-game rather than my Spew-game when the time came. So to keep myself busy its been a mix of lots of chilling with friends and getting out and about! On Thursday I went over to my Thai friends house, Art, with my girlfriend and flat mate. He cooks so so good food its hard to describe. I think now officially Thai is my favourite kind of food. To me, it's like a mixture between Indian and Chinese, although im sure most will disagree massively.

Anyway, onto the £330 deepstack. Well i was SO SO pumped to go and play it as it is the highest buy-in event that I've played with a sick structure. So i sat down with my 10,000 chips and within the first hour i was down to 2400ish. Sad sad times indeed. No don't worry i wasn't on some sort of mad spew-tilt but took a pretty brutal beat from this rich-business man looking guy. He raises from mp and got a call from the button. I looked down at KK and pumped the action up. He called and the flop came J82 rainbow. Not a bad flop at all for my Kings. After a series of raises and reraises which confirmed that live donks can't fold top pair, he managed to get it all in with AJ and unfortunately rivered an ace against me.

A few hands later, I'm sat with my diminished chip stack and see a utg raise and another cold call from a later position. With 15bb's and 10 10 i think there is only one way to play this, so in they went. I got snap re-raise isolate by UTG who shoved up with QQ but somehow i managed my only luckbox of the day by making my straight.

From then on it was back to the grind, and the grind it was. I built my 5500 stack up to 32,000 without showdown by the 2nd break. That was a nice feeling as i was getting on to 2.5x the average and the field size diminishing rapidly.

But then the Poker gods thought i'de had enough fun for the day and came down and bitch slapped me back to where i belong! The rail...

A decent online tourny grinder raised from the CO at 300/600/50 and i looked down at 10 10 from the SB and 3-bet him. He pondered a few moments then elected to call. The flop came 789 rainbow giving me an up-and-down and overpair. I continuation bet and he over-shoved. I called and he flipped over JJ. The turn was the inevitable 10 for my set (which gave him a straight) and unfortunately I didn't improve. Down to 28BB's :(

2 hands later, it folds round to me at 400/800/100 and i 2.5x open the button with JJ. The SB reshoves just covering me for about 30bb's and i snap call. He sighs and flips over 10 3offsuit. Finally my comeback? Nooope. He goes on to make a 4 card flush on me and that was my day!

I have to say it was really fun and I can't wait to play the next deepstack game again. You really start to get a good feel for the table and the conditions and build up nice reads on the players. Its like a 4th dimension to poker that you just don't get as much online or in the regular casino comps. It was also really nice seeing some other friends playing the tourny today too including Ant who travelled up from London and I met for the first time.

Regardless, tommorow is another day and that means for me the £150+£15 freezeout at 3pm! This is the one for me to take down! If i bust early i plan on playing cash until im hungry then be back home to grind the sunday online tournaments. On the road to bustoville...but loving it! :)

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