Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wahooo, What A Day!


I don't normally post mid-week but I have just got to brag about this. Today I won 3 MTT's :D Wahooo! Nice boost to the bankroll as well!

In total I made 6 final tables today with my new schedule which combines Euro and US sites. I came 2nd in a €30 freezeout on Ladbrokes and won these 3:

I plan on spending some time with my girlfriend the next couple of days, so I guess this will be my last session of the month. And what a way to finish! This has bumped my bankroll back over the $10k mark, also meaning that September was a +$8300 month. Super happy with this. :D


  1. Completely sick day mate. Everytime I checked my Twitter I saw you made another final table!