Friday, 10 September 2010

A good start to the BR challenge

I started the week with about $1800 as the point of my poker "bankroll" and a good few days later I'm proud to report it now being $4123. I'm putting in pretty crazy volume at the moment and don't think it's impossible for my roll to be above $10k by the end of the month. But I'll set a more realistic target of $7k for the meanwhile. A good bit of aggressive bankroll management and a little run good and anything could happen.

Last night I played the $50 Mini-FTOPS HORSE event which turned out to be a lot of fun. I had started registering for tournaments from 5pm, so was a little tired at 2am when this started up. Come 3pm having 1-tabled the start of the tournament I decided to add another smaller $26 HORSE tournament to the mix too. Maybe that wasn't wise as that lasted through to 8:30am, but I managed to blag 2nd for $700 and change which at the moment is very much appreciated!

Tonight I'm going to start a little later on my session as I'm chilling with some friends in the early evening but expect to do another latish session tonight. It's the stars $109 8-game WCOOP tournament tonight and I'm pretty pumped after last night to own up in these mixed games too. They are pretty fun and people do seem to be pretty terrible at them all too! Not that I'm any good myself haha.

Next update coming on Monday, let's hope I get a good weekend. Gl at the tables all.

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