Monday, 6 September 2010

Broke Living f3nix35 style


Anyone that hasn't followed Jean Robert-Bellande on twitter really needs to get their priorities straight. You follow the lifestyle of one of the biggest degenerates in the industry who somehow manages to have epic swings from $100k to nothing in a day or two. Let's put it this way. I don't think bankroll-management is high on his agenda. Anyway, he somehow gets by and seems to have a great life despite the swings travelling the world and hustling enough money together to play high-stake mixed games.

Now I'm not that sick. Although I have a bit of gamble in me anyway. I still prefer the safety of knowing where my rents coming from next month. But the problem is, I'm getting a little bored grinding the same stakes and want to mix things up.

This month is the month of the shot. I've set aside a full 9 months rent, 9 months bills, 9 months living expenses (giving myself an affective weekly wage) and taken this all out of my bankroll. I've taken out my WCOOP entries and mini-ftops. And there's not that much left. But I'm pretty pumped and kind of want to be where I was a year or so ago rising up through the stakes again as it can get a bit boring grinding the same schedule day-in, day-out. Of course I could try and grind super-hard where I am, hope for a heater and hit the high-high stakes of $100r+. But at the moment I think I'll be in a better place pretty much free-rolling the forthcoming year and seeing what I can make of my bankroll not having to withdraw throughout the year for living expenses etc.

So it's not really a boku-style challenge with mad prop-bet money on the side. But I'm feeling a bit broke-living style at the moment. Broke but loving it at the same time. Wish me luck! Soon to catchup and overtake Ant again once and for all :)


  1. Very very best of luck with it mate. Will be wathcing with interest.

  2. Sounds like a good plan...glglgl

  3. woah woah woah, you won't be catching me up agen lad. We both will earn thousands and be sick sick people but to suggest you will be one more cent higher than me suggests u are exactly that, high. So put the reefa down and be content with second place, thata good boy :P:)

  4. gl fish. Im a life nit so will be grinding 30-100f and 10-30r sigh