Monday, 27 September 2010

Large field MTTs

I'm taking a break from them this week! The past few weeks I've been playing a lot of large field MTT's on stars and FTP which are just massive variance whirlpools. Somehow, through grinding MTTSNG's along side, I've managed to profit every week thus far, but damn can they be annoying.

To beat 2800 people just to FT bubble for 10x your buyin 8 hours later really does suck.

I've had a few deep runs along the way:

5/2592 in an $11 freezeout
38/2109 in a $55 freezeout
6/2617 in an $11 freezeout
79/28,687 in an $11 freezeout
11/1301 in an $11 rebuy

etc etc

Basically just playing these without putting ridiculous volume in almost guarantees you'll consistently have losing month despite how much of an edge you have over the field.

So for this forthcoming week I'm going to chill out a bit now that the WCOOP is over and just focus on some smaller stake euro stuff and hopefully watch as my roll grows.

I did have a profitable week just gone despite not playing on Friday or Saturday night which is pretty nice. I plan on putting in more hours on the online felt this coming week.

The Pokerstars' WCOOP was actually really fun and I enjoyed the different MTT's I played in. I didn't actually have a profitable series unfortunately. But still managed to do quite well in a $256 knockout turbo cashing for $896 and knocking 7 people out (at $50 per knockout) along the way. So that was my best run, but unfortunately that score didn't push me into the + on the series. But it was fun anyway!

I've still got 3 events left in the GSOP. I seem to so far have had a very high cash% in these, but all pretty much for the minimum which sucks. I might just have to shotgun the $500 miniFTOPs final coming up next Sunday. It should be fun...

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