Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Slow start to the WCOOP, but solid goings otherwise..


Well although I'm still not really getting anything going yet in the WCOOP, I've been getting quite a bit of volume in outside of the series and am happy to report the bankroll to have risen just over $6k. Pretty happy with that seeing as I was at $1800 just over a week ago!

I've still got 6 events left to prove myself in, in the WCOOP. 3 turboish tournaments that I'm particularly looking forward to as well.

The miniFTOPs has also been a lot of fun so far, particularly the non-NLH events. I'm still not great at any other discipline, but I find them fun. Not quite been getting the volume in playing these as I had wanted due to me being in the process of moving into my new flat and sorting everything out there. My schedule at the moment is pretty insane trying to balance moving in, keeping a social life and grinding big schedules online at my girlfriends place. I seem to be balancing it OK at the moment. So although the flat is mine, like the typical online geek, I won't really move in until the 4th October when the internet is activated. Only then will it really feel like home ;)...haha how sad!

So most of my money is coming in these games, which I'm enjoying a lot at the moment. Thinking of some prop bets for October to really get the volume in if this month doesn't finish up as well as its started. But we shall see...

GSOP is starting on Sunday which should be fun too. I'll be playing a few of their lower buyin NLH events to see if I can bink anything.

Til next time, gl at the felt..

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