Monday, 4 October 2010

Expansion Potential...

After that sick little heater on Monday things haven't got as well for the rest of the week. I got deep in a few tournaments but ended up being the final table bubble-boy a little more than I'd have liked particularly in bigger tournaments. Can't complain though, still up $1800 on the week (thanks really to Monday) whilst down on the month $1770. Woops!

That's probably due to this Sunday just being a complete nob to me and not letting me win a showdown in anything of importance. I played the $500 GSOP and unfortunately lost KK v AA for a bunch of chips...and...

...wait, didn't I promise you all long back I wouldn't talk about beats on this blog?

Well onwards and upwards then...

Next week is quite exciting for me. For the past few weeks although I've had my property and kind of moved in. I've left my computer at my girlfriends to grind with. Which is fine as we practically live together anyway and she's cool with the poker. But tomorrow BT are finally coming round to connect the line and I'm being hooked up with after that so I'll be grinding there from then on. I'll post some pictures of the place when I'm all settled in next week hopefully. It should be a pretty sick grind-pad.

As far as poker is concerned, I think I'll keep playing the Euro sites mainly but drop €50 freezeouts and €10r's from the schedule for the forthcoming week before I obliterate my roll any further. I'll keep in $10r and $50 freezes though. I'm also debating expanding into other sites in the future, most notably putting money on:

-party poker
-Absolute Poker
-Carbon Poker
-Everest Poker

I think I'll move onto those platforms when I get the roll over $20k though. That will allow me to play a good selection of $50+ tournaments throughout the afternoon/night and provide a better selection. Where I am at the moment though there are plenty of buyins for my range, so I'm in no rush to find greener pastures to shit all over.

Anyway, a little down because of bricking so hard tonight. But then to put it into perspective and not make me feel so bad this is what I just read on twitter from Amak316, a top tournament pro, who was just playing EPT London £20,000 high-roller:

amak316 Amit Makhija
"I cant imagine feeling any worse than I do now. 9th in the highroller, lost a pot for a ~3rd place stack on the exact bubble as a huge fav."

amak316 Amit Makhija
"just a $73,000 bubble no big deal, at least I can continue my 2 year streak of losing every pot Ive played worth more than 6 figs in equity."

Now that must suck!

For anyone else having an absolutely terrible Sunday and needs some cheering up, check this out. I first saw it on Red Square Poker's blog which is a good read in itself. But here is the epic video not to be missed:

Also on the far horizon for all the UK players, Pokerstars will be having a "UK and Ireland Championship of Online Poker" exclusively online to UK residents. That will be pretty sick I imagine and probably quite soft.

11 Events from December 5-12
$512,500 guaranteed prize pool
EXCLUSIVELY FOR PLAYERS IN: United Kingdom, Ireland & Isle Of Man.


  1. Thanks for the plug, dude.
    The 'Brit' Championship sounds like fun.

  2. Never heard of to be honest and the biggest broadband comparison site doesn't have them listed either. Are they big? Do they give unlimited usage like say Virgin?

    LOL at the Hellmuth video, at first I thought it was a photoshopped spoof but its better seeing as its actually a real advert!

  3. Yp, well they aren't main stream but are meant to offer a very fast reliable service. We shall see. Im probably getting scammed though as I still won't have a connection for another week! Damnnnnit!