Monday, 20 September 2010

Low stakes luckboxing


You'll all be pleased to hear I had quite a good week adding $2850 to my roll. I played quite a lot putting in decent hours and had a few little scores including the luckbox award for coming second in a $10 hyper-turbo heads up tournament on Stars. Weee! Must be nice eh.

I had a few deep runs today in loads of tournaments but nothing happened. Probably had 4 tournaments where at one point or other I had over 100k chips. Normally people say this is frustrating but maybe I'm immune as I couldn't really care either way. Which is kind of weird, but whatever!

This coming week is the last week of WCOOP and the tournament leader board challenge on Pokerstars and Full Tilt. Now my rolls pushed up a little and I can play $30 games this forthcoming week I'm just going to grind the tables hard and see if I can put a few big scores on my teams chart.

For those that aren't aware, the Tournament Leader Board competition is just groups of 5 players that each put in $x (I put in $50). There are like 15 teams and every team collects their players best scores over the time period.

So far on my team from what I know some guy has shipped the late night STUPER ($150 tourn on stars) and a couple of other biggies. All I've contributed really is some low buy-in stuff and a couple of 90-man wins.

So I'll pull my finger out this week and give the TLB a good run for it's money. Who knows I may even go on a mini-heater and make some good money while I'm there. Realistically though, because of the field sizes of the low buyins on Stars and FTP. This forthcoming week could be my first losing week in a while, but I'm prepared for that. Bring it on!

Also for those not aware, The Inbetweeners has launched a new series on channel 4, and you have to watch it. It's on Monday nights at 10pm I do believe. And it is funny!


  1. best thing on TV it.

    GL with the grind


  2. "Normally people say this is frustrating but maybe I'm immune as I couldn't really care either way. Which is kind of weird"

    That's a good mentality. You are content enough you have played well so you take the good with the bad. That will help you take the bumps of tournament poker sir so keep that going.

    Gl in catching me up tho, its an unenviable task. :P

  3. Hi,
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    Let me know! Cheers,


  4. thanks for the offer eurika kid.. maybe next time..

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