Thursday, 16 September 2010

Life can be damn expensive

Life can be damn expensive...

It's not really until you live on your own until you realise how much everything actually costs. If it's not an electricity bill it's council tax, if it's not that you need a tv license. They all add up and seemingly never stop. Welcome to the real world eh. 

So I've kind of been hit by suprise of how much all the bills for this forthcoming year are going to actually be. I'm sticking with my proactive financial planning by putting 9 months rent, bills and a weekly living expense budget aside. But the bills are way more than I thought. Couple that with a £900 deposit on my flat it looks like I'll be bak at the $12 games again for the rest of the week. 

Bankroll $3k. Watch this spac tho, it's gonna sky rocket ;-)

On a more positive note, my Twitter fan base has risen to the giddy heights of 30 followers...cough cough... But hey one of them is Phil laak so I'm certainly not complaining! I also watched kick-ass last night which is a sick film and well worth the watch. Believe me, I too was a skeptic before I saw it. Pretty damn good!

Anyway, the rebuild is on and I've got a huge few days ahead. Wish me luck!!

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  1. bez mates with Phil Laak aye, mbn.
    lol bills, its a coount innit
    gl with grinding fishay