Friday, 3 September 2010

Bring on September


It's been a while indeed. Since my last post I've played the UKIPT Edinburgh (no good, although had % of ledders who got a decent run in), got very drunk at the Fringe festival. Went to Turkey and got even drunker (and browner!) and somehow managed to bink a small $20 freezeout on stars while all of this was going on. So it's been a very busy few weeks.

What's more, my new computer has arrived and I'm setting it up and tweaking it to my liking getting ready for the WCOOP. I'm also moving into my new flat sometime early next week and will be praying that I can get internet there up and working so that I can play as much of the upcoming WCOOP on Stars and Mini-FTOPs on Full Tilt.

I have a very busy month planned in that respect, I'm going to be playing pretty much every tournament in the Mini FTOPS and here is my WCOOP schedule for those interested:

-Event 1 (Sun 5th), $215 NL 6max

-Event 3 (Sun 5th), $215 NL

-Event 11 (Wed 8th), $320 NL Ante Up

-Event 12 (Wed 8th), $215 NL HU

-Event 14 (Thu 9th), $265 NL 6m KO

-Event 18 (Fri 10th), $109 8g

-Event 19 (Sat 11th), $109 NL 10-min

-Event 21 (Sun 12th), $215 NL

-Event 22 (Sun 12th), $530 NL

-Event 32 (Thu 16th), $320 NL 6m

-Event 37 (Fri 17th), $320 NL 10-min

-Event 41 (Sun 19th), $215 NL

-Event 45 (Mon 20th), $265 NL Turbo KO

-Event 50 (Wed 22nd), $215 NL Big Antes

-Event 52 (Thu 23rd), $320 NL Turbo

-Event 60 (Sun 26th), $215 NL

Due to the Mini-FTOPs comprising of a lot of non-hold'em game types, I think I'll be cutting down the numbers of tables I'll be playing this month to 4-6 so I can really focus on the higher buyins of the WCOOP. This would be a nice month to bink big in!

With the new computer I thought I'd try giving hold'em manager ago as my database instead of pokertracker for a while to see how things compare. In tournament play as you rarely get the number of hands to analyse indepth statistics like river check-raise% or something, so really I'm just using it for some basic HUD stats. Pretty undecided so far. At the moment I think I've still got a preference for Poker Tracker just from the aesphetics and how they look when tables are resized quite small. I'll keep at it though and maybe explore a few more functions of this holdem manager while I'm still on trial. One big advantage of holdem manager over pokertracker is that it can apparently be used on Ladbrokes tournaments. Not that I can figure out how to get it working anyway!

I also downloaded Table-Ninja which is an addon to stars or full tilt which supposedly helps a lot when multitabling. I'm trialling the full tilt version and put a session in today, but there just arent enough tournies going on during the day to play exclusively on full tilt. So I added stars in too. Then the software didn't work quite as well. I think it would be useful if I ground out just sng's or tournies on full tilt but mixing sites it turns out to be a pretty big pain.

On that subject of night vs. day. At the moment there are no countries which have a significant proportion of their citizens playing during the UK day time. And to be honest I'm not too fussed about this. Although us Euro MTTers do seem to whine a lot about how all the action is at night forcing a nocturnal sleeping pattern, I'm pretty OK with it really. This is probably because I've always been a gamer playing at night or just used to playing poker in the evenings. Anyway, I put a session in today starting at 10am, finishing about 9pm and mehh... Just not feeling it!

It's nice waking up with society but I do think I prefer grinding at nights plus the games run a hell of a lot more and are much better. The only downside really being that in the winter I guess it could get pretty depressing waking up at 4pm and not really seeing any daylight. After speaking with a few UK Pro's and them shedding their knowledge onto me, I think a good solution is either doing a 5pm-midnight registering session, finishing around 3am and waking at 11am. Or alternatively a 6pm-2:30am session going to bed at around 6am and having the alarm on for 2pm. At least that way you get enough sleep and can fit enough time into the day to see some light, have some food and communicate with the outside world. To start with I think I'll try a 5/6pm-3am grind, waking at 11am and see how that suits me. Well after the WCOOP ofcourse!

So yes, enough rambling. It's going to be a busy month ahead, which could potentially leave my bankroll looking rather short or fully flushed out with Louis Vuitton leather. Let's just see how I run. Gl at the tables all!

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