Monday, 28 December 2009

The Sunday Results

Well that day went weird haha.

As for the schedule, it all kind of went tits-up if you will. But it will make me more prepared for future grind sessions I'm sure. And I'm not even talking about how I ran here...

The slight hiccups which disrupted my night:

-getting the hour difference the wrong way round on the Boss network, thinking their €150 major started at 7pm, rather it started 5pm and I missed it. Woops!

-The friend I was planning on playing at completely forgot and made other plans (other plans on a Sunday, what is this?!?!), luckily another mate that also plays poker invited me over last minute. And he had a reliable internet. Win!

-I found out that all my recent computer slowness/lag issues is to do with my poker tracker 3. Thinking about it, my database must be HUGE by now, and this little laptop just can't handle it with 8 other poker sites up. So I went a good portion of the night without a hud, then turned it on later again.

-I deposited money on BlueSquare Poker to play their £150 GUKPT satellite with 1 seat guaranteed. Well I guess to iPoker that doesn't mean much as there was an overlay and the tournament got cancelled as we were short of 1 person. Lame!

-For some reason UKIPT Manchester 8000 FPP tournament didn't actually have any satellites going to it and that was the only UKIPT Manchester tournament running. Weird :S

-Full Tilt Poker servers went down. Yup, at about 12:30am all of the servers went down. They went down for over 3 hours and all of the tournaments got voided. This meant players get their money back with a chip-chop for the rest of the chips. Very lame, but at least I got my buyin back and a small bit higher than the rake :( For instance I was closing onto the bubble in the double-deuce with well above average chip stack and would expect to get much more than $90 on my average run in the tournament. Oh well!

So that all kind of went tits-up!

On the plus side, I did manage to cash in the party poker major for $600ish, I won 3 seats to the Sunday Warmup valued at $645 from about $100 worth of sats but then bubbled my satellite to the Stars 500. I also managed a good run in the iPoker major coming in the top 100, but failing to get the drive needed to propel me to the final table.

I have a few interesting hands saved I'm going to chat over with friends about different lines. Other than that, was pretty happy with how I played and a side from all of the little upsets had a pretty good night!


  1. So you're now a millionaire, right?!

  2. It doesn't sound like you had too bad a Sunday in the end - shame about the Betfair tournie being cancelled though!