Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The 15th December


Yesterday was in fact my 21st birthday, meaning I am now able to go to Vegas and ship me some bracelets! I'de already done most of my celebrations with friends before this in terms of partying in Nottingham and a quad biking session is Sherwood forest. The quad biking was too fun mainly due to the fact that the tracks were literally mud-baths, allowing one to slide round the corners at full speed spraying mud everything.

(I'm the guy to on the left)

So I was pretty busy yesterday with friends and family all day so I didn't play any poker. But then again, doubt I would have wanted to. Running bad on your birthday would be pretty lame!

The night before I played however and had partial success coming 3rd in a €75 with 1 rebuy tournament on one of the euro networks.

The tournament is the only one on my 'schedule' that doesn't have antes, so it plays very different, and in my opinion much worse as it turns into such a crap-shoot by the end. I was 1/3 with like double second, but there wasn't much in it as my 15bb's 3 handed wouldn't last long losing a couple of flips. I also managed to do well in a $26 heads-up tournament coming in the final 20 out of several hundred people. Not sure why I entered it, but had a bit of a craving for some HU action and it paid off to a respectable $180. Can't complain there!

I'm going to do one last session tonight at the tables before heading up to Nottingham on Thursday for the DTD MonteCarlo. I'll play the last €30r satellite tonight to see if I can nab myself one of the seats, but won't be too disheartened if I don't. In a way, I see the £1k as being a birthday present to myself. So for the love of christ, please let me run good in it one time!! I hope I manage as despite my best efforts my sleeping schedule still seems to be pretty fucked with me waking naturally at really weird times in the day/night. Yesterday I woke naturally at 11am, today 5am. Weird, but whatever. I'll try to stay up the whole day today rather than taking a nap so that tomorrow I can sleep in until like 11am before the drive up North.

Hope everyone else is doing well lately. See ya soon!

Rap freestyle featuring Phil Helmuth. Doubt I've ever laughed as much when he tried rapping. Please tell me he's drunk!


  1. I can see the genetic link between Humans and Apes more clearly after watching this video clip.

  2. Yo Fenix, awesome blog M8. You'll love Vegas Bro...their's a couple of Trip Reports over my blog at if you wanna check them out. Any chance of a link? I'll do the same. Take it easy Bro ;-)

  3. Ok, added you both on the blog list!

  4. i would like it a lot if i could punch Jeff Madsen in the face, don't think i would be able to control myself if i saw him in vegas.

  5. happy birthday bud. See u in notts tomorrow for Monte :)