Thursday, 3 December 2009

Up up up we go


I'm still a slight way off the $50k peak I reached in the Summer but its all coming back slowly but surely.

After a pretty disappointing night, getting 1-outered in the DTD sat and generally running a bit shit, I managed to pull something together in the iPoker $30rebuy/$20k gtd. I came in to the final table after some heavy abuse with a 2:1 chip lead over second place at the time. By headsup he was leading, but I drew him back to evens. It was a pretty epic headsup game with the chip lead swapping several times, but as we both were down to 20big blinds, I couldn't find a fold on a Q highflop, unfortunately this time he had me out-kicked to claim the victory.

Still, a pretty nice score and the moneys all going back in the right direction.

This weekend I'm playing the DTD £330, and on Sunday I'm debating playing the ECOOP main event which is a $1500 buyin. Obviously I would have to sell at least 60% of my action, but it would be pretty fun regardless. Not sure yet, but if I do decide in the next couple of days, I'll update the blog in case any readers fancy buying a % of me to see if I can make you rich if I bink something big :)

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  1. wp hope you can finally run good in the DTD m8! glglgl