Monday, 14 December 2009

The start of the xmas grind


Well Sunday in a nutshell was epic fail. I started later than usual at about 7ish after having a really nice roast dinner with the family. Chris and Marlow came round too to grind. Well my parents have decided to change our internet package to one of these cheap bundle things with talktalk or some shit ISP. Nice choice, now the internet is about as reliable as Garry Glitter looking after your children. It disconnected a ton which tilted me. Not only that, but full tilt decided to have 3 mini-FTOPS which attracted almost a million runners (ok, exaggerations exaggerations :P) which caused the software to crash blinding me out in all the tournies I was in forcing me to unreg for the rest too. I emailed FTP complaining and hope to get my buy-in back for a few. For instance I didnt play a single hand in the Sunday Brawl as the software was just crashing left-right and centre. I tried loading up FTP on chris' and Marlows laptop using my account and they had the same problem. Yet when they loaded up on their laptops without entering one of these FTOPS 10,000 runner tournaments it worked fine (other than the internet blips and disconnects!).

Anyway by 11:30 having bricked every single tournament getting some horrific beats, I was too stressed and annoyed with the whole thing, unregistered the rest and watched "Taken". A pretty good decision I'm sure. Such a good movie, totally relaxed me and I went to bed at about 2am with a smile on my face.

Now, for some reason my body clock is still mega-fucked up. I woke naturally at 4:30am, wide awake lol. Probably not the best of things to do. With little else to do I thought, fuck it, and loaded up a load more tournaments. This time I ran a little better and managed to final table the $30 1r1ao on full tilt coming 2nd for $2k. I'm not sure if it's a Sunday saver, but it certainly helps me undig the hole I buried myself in from the previous nights grind.

I think I could have shipped this tournament quite easily but the guy that won it ran like god winning AA to A7, JJ to AK and KQ to 66 all in preflop. I'm still pretty happy I turned this around and it's definitely a confidence boost.

I have no idea what to do about this internet problem. It's literally so stressful having the internet disconnect continuously every 30mins-1 hour at peak times especially when a lot of the poker software really spazzes out when it gets disconnected then leading to crashing my laptop. I think it's probably worth getting a better ISP, but I'm probably only going to be at home playing, including this month, for 2 months in the next year. So it's not worth buying a full package and I know my parents won't go ahead and buy a second internet line just for me as they don't use the internet at home anyway.

I want to get a wireless router internet card thingy as a backup as well. From doing a little research I think you can use an iPhone as a wireless router, but because I live in the sticks a bit my mobile reception is pretty bad here, so I don't even know how efficient that would be. I wish I knew how to hack my neighbours wireless ;)

If anyone who's living in the UK knows of a good ISP that is reliable with good speeds at peak times, could you leave a comment. I would be very grateful, or if you know of any alternates I could use as a backup just in case my connection goes down for whatever reason.

Hope all is good. Peaceee!

ps. for humour, check this link. I was crying with laughter:


  1. I'm not sure what ISP your parents changed to?

    BT? I've found BT are better than any other I've been with but even then I have down times!

  2. I use BT aswell can become slightly unreliable around peak times though, but havnen't noticed much of an annoyance recently though. Cue the miserable jynx ahead!


  3. before i even read the thread you have sent me to u queer. haha.


  4. lol my mate sent me it. watch this and the videos. SO funny.

    I could try getting BT, but I don't know if it will be worth it. I'm only going to be here like 2 months in the next 12 so probably not worth the hastle of setting up. Then again, I do burn a lot of equity if im having connection issues and tilting as a result. Whoo knows!

    I think one possible solution is my friend wanted to get like a poker office we rent for a month over say easter and just grind there. But its still more comfty chilling in ur room than going to a cold office. Who knows eh

  5. been watch the videos on link for like an hour. They are tooooo funny

  6. Talktalk is the worst ISP in the country. I've got BT now, which might not be the best, especially as I live in the 'sticks', but it's only let me down once in the last 15 months.

  7. i think for you you should spend quite bit of money on moile internet for when you are at a home. Obviously making sure you get good reception where you are. I have a 15 pounds a month vodafone dongle tht works great for grinding, but im in london so tht might make a differece. But i am pretty sure there are more expensive mob internet packages that will ensure even better reception.

    As well even if ure in notts, is good to have as back up if your internet in ure flat fucksup. Only problem i find wit the dongles tho are you cannot downlad anything quickly at all, and basically it makes watching a youtube vids impossble but for poker it works fine.

  8. yeh, all i care about is a backup for playing poker really. The connection issue at home is going to be a bit gay as I literally have no signal on my mobile phone, so guess it won't be very effective. But I'm at home such a little % of the time that it will be worth while just to have it in Nottingham imo.