Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A change of luck?

I feel that lately I've been having a pretty sour run both online and live, so it's nice to finally be able to put some scores together to help work my way out of this downswing I seem to have found myself in! Which, may I add is kind of expected due to the heater of a summer I had!

Anyway, this is just a little brag post, as I haven't hit a big $5k+ score in a while so happy days here. I'm still not out of this downswing but I'm full of confidence and ready to kick ass, especially over christmas break.

This weekend I'll be doing my monthly donation to Dusk Til Dawn at their £330 weekend. I really feel like I'm due something big soon, I can't keep getting fucked over at live poker, so bring on the weekend. I've got high hopes.

Hope everyone else has been running good lately, speak soon!


  1. Well done mate, can't quite see the second photo but I take it you won that one as well.

  2. Well played Sir, nicely cashed.

  3. Very nice hand Mr Fenix35!

    Is that bwin you're playing on by any chance?

  4. It's on betsafepoker, which is a skin on the same network as bwin (ongame). Pretty refreshing to finally hit a couple of scores on that site, as despite the poor level of play there I hadn't got anything going on there for a good while.

    But if you can stand the terrible software, I'de say give it a try ;)