Monday, 21 December 2009

Back to what I'm meant to be


After a bit of a chilled day on Saturday and a brief pop at the wild £1/£2 games at DTD I am back down in the (not so) sunny south. It's not yet snowed down here but I have high hopes for a white christmas!

Anyway onto the poker. Well we got back at about 6:30pm. Unfortunately due to my current situation with the internet suffering massively at peak times I didn't even want to try to load up any tournaments having seen my MSN connection constantly disconnect which ofcourse tilted me massively when trying to have a conversation only to find half the messages hadn't been sent. Not the best of starts if your then going to buy into $1000's worth of tournaments!

So I skipped almost all of the majors and started at around 9 o clock playing the Sunday Million and steering clear of Full Tilt due to last weeks Sunday night crisis. You would not believe how much I am looking forward to getting a stable connection and a good computer lol. There is no point at the moment as I'm likely to only be here for a further 4-5 weeks in the next 52 and thankfully some of my close friends here also like to grind poker so I can play round theres when I need to.

But tonight I opted to stay in, partly to get an earlyish night and partly as I'de been staying with them the last few days in Nottingham and felt like a little time apart would do some good!

So back to the poker, well I stuck to the smaller euro sites today on the whole and had some good success!

I got a little bit unlucky on the final table of the €25 rebuy on ladbrokes but ran pretty hot to get to the final table, so I definitely can't complain. It's a nice little payday kind of needed after degening it this weekend buying directly into the DTD £1k which I'm obviously quite under-rolled for (infact using my bankroll management I'de need £200,000 to be comfortable playing that tournament, but whatever :P).

The couple of cashes aren't going to explode my roll to dizzying new heights, but they will keep me afloat before that beautiful 5 figure score rolls along again.

So a bit of an annoying start to the Sunday turning out quite nicely in the end!


  1. But more importantly, are you getting your parents to sort out their connection?!

  2. £200k for that tournament?! Eh!?!?!?

  3. Yeh i use a 200buyin rule for online. Wouldn't be so nitty in a live deepstack though I guess. Really shouldnt buy in with less than 50buyins though. Would prefer to have 100 min next time. But these £1ks dont come round often near to where I stay, so thought I'de treat myself to an early christmas present and gambooool.

    Mo, I'll ring the company, but its a contract so doubt I have any leighway..not to worry, I'm not living at home much anyway and the time I do spend here I can easily occupy it with other things.