Monday, 1 February 2010

A late start to the new year

Long time no blog!

I've been really busy since the start of the year. First of all I had exams which basically took all of my time and priority in the first few weeks. I don't like blogging about stuff that doesn't interest me so I'll leave it at that but they went all right with me averaging 62% which means its going to be close if I can secure a 2:1 in the Summer...But it's still an improvement from last year so I'm happy :)

After that I was pretty burnt out from all the studying, insane sleeping pattern and general bad work-life balance. So I went with a friend from home skiing in the Alps for a week! What a break. The conditions were amazing, clear blue skies all day and powder snow at night which meant for great off-pisting conditions. Plus the slopes were basically empty. It was an amazing week and now I'm back refocused and ready to make 2010 a great year.

Here are some random photos from my holiday:

So now I'm back, the new semester has started, as will the poker volume! I'm going to try playing a few afternoon sessions and playing a bunch live this month in February including DTD deepstack, UKIPT Manchester and GUKPT Walsal prelims! Possibly even visiting Reading for the student poker championship there, although that clashes on the same weekend at the DTD Deepstack so we shall see...

Let's hope my extended break over January means I come back on form and make February a great start to the year!

Gl all


  1. I wondered why there were no posts of you taking down yet another tournament!

    Best of luck for 2010, hope the great form continues

  2. But you at least did a bit of gambling over a pint on the top of a mountain. Right?

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