Sunday, 13 December 2009

The year in review


Well I've almost been blogging for a full year now and it's getting to that time when I want to be thinking about looking back at my 2009 goals and projecting achievable aims for 2010.

(click image to expand - shows my main sites I play on. Also played a lot of volume on the old cryptologic (RIP :( ) and Ladbrokes which sharkscope doesn't track. But I'm up a fair bit on both (particularly crypto).

This year on the online front I've had a series of nice smallish scores, my biggest totally ~$12k which has propelled my bankroll way above my financial target for the year. I've won quite a bit of money in live cash too and a small 4-figure number in online cash, despite not playing it much at all. I have however, bled a lot of money at live tournaments over a smallish sample. I aim to rectify this next year in a big way. It kind of sucks the way that I'm break even on stars after several hundred games this year despite being up over $10k at some points. But having a 100-200 buyin downswing is supposedly pretty common especially due to the ridiculous field sizes of these tournaments and the top-heavy pay-out structures. I've historically ran bad on that site with 18 players left, so here's to 2010 turning that around!

2009 goals:

[x] Be properly rolled for $215 tournaments
-Success, yet to make a big score yet though. Had 3 top 18 finishes in smaller majors though.

[x] Play a big live event
-Playing a £1000 (DTD montecarlo in a week, one time?!), €1000 and $5000 tournament (won the sat for, not played yet!). So it's not huge, but it's pretty big for a guy that used to grind £5rebuys and £10 freezeouts at my local gala.

[x] Play more deepstack tournaments at Dusk Til Dawn (local card-room)
-I should have written play more deepstacks and turn a profit at them. I did achieve this goal, but went 0/10 this year. Sigh.

[x] $25,000 profit online
-Crushed this to a healthy $50k

2010 Goals:

[ ] Get a big live final table cash. Get there by keeping up the volume and supporting the buy-ins through winning online

[ ] Play more live £1k's on the UK poker circuit

[ ] Final table a major

[ ] Get my bankroll up to $150,000 by the end of the year

[ ] Turning 21 in a few days so, have great fun in Vegas over the summer, meet 2p2'ers and win money!

So poker-wise I'm very happy about achieving all of my goals. I'm going to keep playing a balance between the Euro sites and the US sites, sticking to game-selection and keep working on my game in the mean-time. I've got a busy year ahead, what with me graduating and plans on travelling afterwards. I didn't put in a ridiculous volume this year apart from during the Summer, so if I can get a similar volume in during 2010 I will be happy. It would be nice to crush live, but the variance is huge. Regardless, I do find live donkaments fun, so bring it on.

Overall, a very solid 2009, and here's to a great and successful 2010. Bring it on!

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