Thursday, 4 February 2010

Binking and rebuilding


I'm finally managing to put a bit more volume in playing the afternoon schedules, unfortunately the buyins are a bit lower than I could be playing as are the field sizes and hence first prizes, but this works so much better with my lifestyle at uni as I'm usually finished by around 8pm which allows for lots of chilling with friends and partying! Also with lower buyins and field sizes, the variance is arguably reduced which can only be a good thing for a guy playing exclusively MTTs. Not only that, but having such a lower buyin means that taking live shots which go unsuccessfully have a much smaller impact on the buyin if I haven't been running particularly well. Saying this, it is always nice reaching those elusive 5-figure scores. But for the meanwhile at least I'll stick to this lower-variance approach and hopefully grind out some money.

Today I made a couple of final tables, both on Ladbrokes in smallish tournaments. Most notably taking down the €50/€1500 freezeout for just under €1k.

Last night I also managed to blag a seat in the DTD monthly £336 deepstack in one of their online satellites so that's where I'll be heading this weekend. I think I've done enough of the "one-time" or "i'm due live" posts in previous blogs, so this time I'm just going to say fuck it, I'll play a patient game, play each hand as optimally as I can and if it doesn't work out so be it! GL to all those other folk heading up to Nottingham for the series!


  1. pretty much my approach to the game mate. glgl

  2. Good luck in Notts - hope it goes well - unfortunately I cannot make it.