Monday, 22 February 2010

Deep runs on the Sunday


Sunday was a bit of a marathon session. Overall it was pretty frustrating in some aspects as I got so deep in a few tournaments but couldn't win the crucial flips to propel me towards the REAL big money.

Here's the results of the session as promised:

[27/5098 - $3823.50+$160 knockouts]: $256/$800k gtd (Brawl -FTOPS 25 Full Tilt)
[52/974 - €281.37]: €55r/€100k gtd (Ladbrokes)

[9/631 - $1926]: $308/$100k gtd (OnGame)
[16/2107 - $1169]: $163/$150k gtd (Full Tilt)
[16/511 - €605]: €100/€50k gtd (B2B)
[55/7466 - $559.95]: $55/$200k gtd (80k special - Stars)

[708/5645 - $846.75]: $535/$2.5m gtd (FTOPS Main Event - Full Tilt)
[251/1904 - 1 knockout ($10)]11:35pm: $59/$32k gtd (Super Turbo - Full Tilt)

Total cashed for $8495.20
Total cashed for €886.37 ($1206.6)

Total is: $9701

Obviously I'm still happy as from the $5k buyin that definately isn't a bad result, but final 2 tabling two tournaments where first place pays $60k and getting so deep in the FTOPs where first was $200k you can't help but think...what if...

I'm pretty happy that over the past 6 months I've been pretty consistently getting deep in various majors but just need that little bit of run good at the end to ship all the moneys. I sold about 30% of my action this time round which definitely helped as I don't have the roll for the large $100rebuys and $500 freezeouts etc no matter how much I would like to grind them on the regular!

The only downside of this all was that from my deep run in the FTOPs I got to bed by 5am, and as such slept through my 9am alarm for lectures pretty well lol. Since this is a one-off I'm cool with that but as Mondays are pretty important at uni, usually I'll just register up until the Sunday Million I think.

Regardless, it was a fun night. I really enjoyed the grind and building huge stacks, then blowing them again :p.

I'm going to look over the $163 and the 6max tournament some time this coming week and chat with some friends about hands as from what I remember I was put in a bunch of tough situations where I'd like to rethink over optimal lines which will hopefully help me in future situations.

Anyway thanks to all the investors (please message me your full tilt screen name if you haven't read the 2P2 thread as I have busted my stars roll so will take a little time to get money to get on there again to resend)


  1. Recieved funds on FT. Thanks for that and wp last night. If you post that you are doing similar again you can count me in.
    Any chance of a link up?

  2. pm me next time you wanna sell shares fishcock.


  3. I'm looking forward to a huge brag post from you at some point this year. Got to be a big big five or six figure score on the horizon