Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Biggest Sunday in Online History?


This Sunday is going to be HUGE. Not only is it the main event of the FTOPS series on full tilt, but also Pokerstars, which never like to be outdone, have slapped a whopping $4million guarantee on their $215 Sunday Million tournament. Pretty crazy! As a result of this, inevitably all of the tournaments will have inflated prize pools and all the fishys will come out to play! Hopefully it will be epic.

I plan on playing a huge schedule:

5:00pm: €140+10/€100k gtd (Boss)
5:00pm: $200/$250k gtd (OnGame)
5:00pm: $109/$23.5k gtd (Full Tilt)

6:00pm: $109/$40k gtd (Stars)
6:00pm: $215/$750k gtd (warmup - Stars)

7;00PM: $109r/$250k gtd (Stars early $109 rebuy)
7:00pm: $256/$800k gtd (Brawl -FTOPS 25 Full Tilt)
7:00pm: $320/$250k gtd (BlueSquare)
7:00pm: €55r/€100k gtd (Ladbrokes)

8:00pm: $308/$100k gtd (OnGame)
8:00pm: $163/$150k gtd (Full Tilt)
8:00pm: €100/€50k gtd (B2B)
8:00pm: $55/$200k gtd (80k special - Stars)
8:45pm: $109/$30k gtd (BlueSquare)

9:30pm: $215/$4m gtd (million - Stars)

10:30pm: $530/$500k gtd (Sunday 500 - Stars)

11:00pm: $535/$2.5m gtd (FTOPS Main Event - Full Tilt)
11:30pm: $215/$200k gtd (2nd chance - Stars)
11:35pm: $59/$32k gtd (Super Turbo - Full Tilt)

12:00am: $109/$80k gtd (Stars)
12:05am: $216/$200k gtd (Mulligan - Full Tilt Poker)

1:30am: $109/$15k gtd (Turbo - Stars)

This comes to around $5k in buyins for the day. Oh dear oh dear! This is at the moment pretty much out of my league, so I've decided to sell some up to 35% of my tournaments on 2p2:

I'll update at the end of the night how I do. Hopefully it won't be full of disappointment!

As for my online grind, the afternoon sessions have been working out really well. I'm yet to bink something big, but due to the reduced field sizes I'm constantly grinding out smaller profits. For the last 3 days I've final tabled the €50fo on Ladbrokes and cashed in €109 on stars every day. Just need that little extra run good to actually ship one of the bastards!

Gl all those who are also going to be digging deep in their pockets this Sunday in the hope of shipping a 6-figure score.


  1. i'll take 3% mate. gonna ship on stars now....$181.05.

    I'll follow on 2+2. good luck mate.



  2. Hi,

    I've just transferred 1% on FT. Not a member of 2+2 so haven't left a comment on there. My username on FT is SOTV. Can you leave a comment on my blog to confirm you have recieved it mate as I've not done one of these before.

  3. edit previous comment. Says its processing and just had an email saying in could take 24-48 hours.

  4. Received the money on full tilt. Thanks!

  5. Hey, i will take 5%. I'm shipping you it on F-Tilt.