Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Live pro in Manchester


Well DTD didn't go too well. I made it through to day 2 with a 60,000 stack ranking me about 20th/56 left with 36 paid. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be as I lost two big flips both of which would have left me with a top 5 stack busting out on the bubble. Sigh, liveaments!

Regardless, heads are held high as tomorrow I'm off to Manchester for the second stop of the UKIPT sponsored by Pokerstars. For those that aren't aware, Manchester looks like a sell out main event with 500+ splashing out on the £550 buyin. This will generate a big prize pool so here's to running good in that festival! I suspect I'll also play all of the side events as they are likely to have very good structures thanks to the Stars involvement. It should be a fun week.

Online I put in two sessions since the weekend on Monday and Tuesday night. Monday night I final tabled the $20rebuy on full tilt but splashed out in 7th for just shy of $1k and last night I had a deep run in the Boss €50r but unfortunately losing 4/4 showdowns in the money busting my 1/36 stack on the bubble to coming 18/19th for around €250. Woops!

I'm taking the day off today to play some squash, catch up with a bit of university work and see friends before I head off tomorrow morning to Manchester.


  1. Good luck in Manchester mate. Keep the updates coming (you use twitter??) Would like to follow how you are getting on.

    I was gonna play Manchester, but it fell on my back-to-back weekend at work. meh.

    Would be good to you take one down!



  2. Squash huh? So you do do exercise?!

  3. Burnley, I don't have twitter no :( But if I do well I'm sure you'll hear about it very fast on here :P

    Razboynik, thank you mate :)

    Mo, Yeh I try to workout 3-4 days a week at the gym and then off days do some other sort of exercise. Doesn't always happen though!

  4. GL in Manc.. Will be following with interest!
    Run good live one time!