Tuesday, 16 February 2010

End of Manchester and Ireland


After the very long-winded post last time, I'll make a shorter one this time. The rest of the Manchester trip was pretty quiet. I played the £330 side event and somehow managed to get sat at the same table the entire time with Richard Ellis, the guy I was rooming with. He managed to have position on me for the whole of day 1 and somehow we managed to both navigate ourselves with big enough stacks to survive through until day 2. Pretty lame that I lost 3/3 coinflips in this tournament eventually busting around 30/130ish just shy of the money, but I was really happy with how I played and my patience throughout.

There were a few younger online qualifiers at our tables who I could sort of see myself in about a year ago. They obviously knew what they were doing on the whole but were getting really impatient with the slow-paced nature of 1-tabling live in comparison to say 10-tabling online. They then really spewed off stacks in different directions and tried to win far too many pots. I'm pretty happy that I have a much more patient game now, which allowed me to win so many more chips without showdown keeping me a float despite losing all 3 of the flips in the tournament. Ahh well!

By Sunday after busting just shy of the money in the £300 I headed back to the hotel in the evening and paid £5 to use the internet in the room to play a few Sunday tournaments. I should have guesses that the internet was a pile of unreliable wank and kept disconnecting me. Talk about life-run bad ;)

Despite that I managed to win a seat to the FTOPS $530 heads up tournament which was really fun. My first opponent was very weak and spewed off his stack epically with bare top pair for 100bb's. I guess he was a non-believer! The second opponent on the other hand was a complete bastard! I was having internet problems due to the dodgy hotel connection, despite the place being new and in central manchester. So by the time the internet reconnected I had lost close to 1/3 of my chips thanks to the guy abusing my disconnected situation. I came back and ground the stacks back to even. Then in a 3bet pot I managed to stack the guy for almost all the chips getting it in with QQ on a 44T board against his AT. Well that was until he binked another T on the river sending me to the rail ;).

I did get a pretty deep run in the Ladbrokes €50r major, but with no glory. Next week it's going to be a pretty epic, and expensive Sunday that somehow the degenerate side of me is really looking forward to. Pokerstars are breaking more records again, this time with a $215/$4million guarantee. That's right $4 million. They're expected to have around 20,000 runners for this tournament. At which point you have really got to say no matter how skilled you are, it is a lottery and even the best player in the world i wouldn't believe would have a 1/3000 chance of winning. But, unlike the lottery, around 3,000 players will get paid, so I'll give it a shot and use my "1-time" wisely ;)

On the subject of big potential pay-outs. The Irish Poker Open is creeping around. I'm really looking forward to this and think despite lack of results my live game has improved immensely in the past few months. Down-swings do have their benefits as in it really makes you question all your plays and really focus and study hard on your game so as to improve. I'm ready to bink big :)

I decided as $5k is quite a big buyin, I will be selling some action for this and one of the side events. So if anyone does feel like buying a % or two, feel free to check this link out where I'm selling some of my action: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/163/staking-selling-shares/selling-shares-irish-open-2010-a-710325/

Gl at the tables all

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