Sunday, 25 January 2009

Playing the cash!


Now that the exams are over i've had some more time to just settle down and play some poker! I have had some nice runs at the 50p/£1 tables online and getting used to how the regulars play. So far i think i'm running at a quite solid 6bb/per 100 hands. But i've only played 4000 this year online so that will all probably change and run back to a lower winrate over time!

I have also been playing £1/£2 live with some nice success the last two nights with winning my biggest ever pot with ace high which is always nice ;). I'm not too sure about the regular cash game players at DTD on the £1/£2 tables but i'm starting to spot the regulars to avoid and the players to sit with. There was a £5/£5 omaha going on tonight which was fun to watch as well as the stacks were really deep and due to straddles it was playing alot more like £20/£20 or £40/£40 omaha. Real nice pots.

I've withdrawn about £170 from my roll to treat myself and friends after my successful run this year with the bankroll just over £4000 now :D

This coming week i plan on playing online on tuesday and wednesday night and hit DTD for the £55 and some cash on thursday night. I'll update you with how it goes!

Good luck at the tables!

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  1. £4000 now? Blimey your getting rich quick! It's gonna be a slog between the two of us to see who does the best for the year and in the future in general! If you try and deny that we are not in direct competition you would be one hell of a bull shitter :) lol. Good luck with the BR rise.