Wednesday, 28 January 2009

National Lottery

I bought my first national lottery ticket yesterday while i was at the post office. So i picked my lucky numbers, paid for it (£1.5 a go fufufufufufuuuuuuu) and now im waiting. At first i was buzzing waiting for Friday when the draw comes and they pick the numbers. But now its Wednesday and i'm so bored lol. I'm too much of an action junkie and want to see results now. I bet by Friday i'll be so uninterested that i forget to check my numbers. Well probably not that uninterested as i hear first prize is £26.8million.

My Granddad took my whole family on holiday and said he worked out that if e bought the lottery every week since 16 he couldn't have afforded it. I think this is very true but then again what if he had won ;). I guess the chances are something like 1/14million to take it down. And lets be honest its not the funnest form of gambling. Don't think I'll be doing it again unless its under special circumstances.

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