Thursday, 22 January 2009

Live heaters finally over - incoming doomswitch!


After my sick run the last couple of months live (where i think i have cashed 8/8 tournies including 3 1sts!) i think it has finally come to an end.

I went down to DTD tonight to play the £55 and spend my £25 vouchers. It was going quite well, i slowly ground my stack up from the 4k starting chips to about 5200ish, half the field was gone, and then it happened lol.

For what its worth I don't think I had ever seen as much spew as I saw on my table tonight. I mean, there were family pots (everyone limps) up to 150/300 which you would NEVER see online! Not even on crypto ;). So one quite young spew tard raises in the CO for half his stack (about 4bbs with 4 behind). I look down to see AJs in the SB and obv ship it in. He calls and turns K2offsuit. Ok thats not too bad, i mean i wasn't that far ahead but still, a very nice portion of my stack just got taken away.

2 hands later, im sat with about 12-13bbs and KK comes. Yes double up time!! So i raise to 700 at 150/300 and get a call and a reraise all in from the button. I call and so does the original caller. 55 and 66. The flop came 6xx and off i go home! Oh well, can't say i havent enjoying having my hands hold live the last couple of months.

I'm currently 6th in the £55 leaderboard so will be heading back on Saturday after my final exam to see if i can improve on that at all and probably play some live cash after! Can't wait!

Until then back to the books, then i'm looking forward to some serious poker and some serious slackage!!

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