Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Internet tilting!!!

Hey guys,

After getting really bored of studying i decided to load up a few tournaments on party poker and on cryptologic. Unfortunately i missed some of the better tournaments due to my late sign up (like the £6k gtd and the party poker $18kgtd) but still managed to get a few nice tournies in the mix.

As i was nearing the end of my session, the internet just became 100% unreliable, disconnecting every 2 minutes. I was on the final table of the £22/£1000 gtd and the £33/£1500 gtd so as you can imagine i was fuming watching myself be dealt AA with 10bb's only to be disconnected and timed out!! I'm still not sure what the problem was whether it was ISP related/dtd software related or just one of my housemates leaching all the bandwidth. But after 2 kicks to the router later it seemed to have stabalised!

Well coming back in the £1500gtd from my 12,000 stack to 5000 i was pretty frustrated with 7 people left. However, i guess the cards just came my way and i turned it around to make a nice profit for the day. Perhaps the poker gods took sympathy, who knows :)

Anyway, i've heard that crypto (the site hosting the skin dtdpoker) is closing down in a month. This is really sad news as i love the crypto tournies, so will be trying to maximise my time playing these for the past month before i have to find new skins to play on.

Got to go back to the books, later all!

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