Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hit 'n' Run


I was faced with a tough decision that I wasn't too happy about the other night at Dusk Til Dawn. I was sat at the £1/£2 cash game table for a couple of hours for what was at the time a pretty break even/marginal loosing session. I then got a call where I had to go back home for a bit of an emergency and so decided to wait until my next hand was dealt to go. Ofcourse, i got dealt KK and managed to win a nice pot against a player who had 86 on a "q 8 6" board. The turn was a 2 and the river a Q managing to make me a higher 2 pair. After the hand, i had to go but the players at the table were really shocked that I hit 'n' run and gave me their opinions about it.

Now, i fully understand and in fact hate hit'n'runners but my excuse of an emergency didn't go down too well. I'm not sure whether i should have waited at least another round before leaving despite the urgency or head off straight away. Regardless, it wasn't a true hit n run, i only profited from that particular player about £70 (which isnt huge at £1/£2 games). And i plan on being a bit of a regular in the games always buying in for full, so i guess the arguement could be that the funds will be available if he wants to try it next time. But what would happen in the same situation if I say won a £500 pot? £1000 pot?

It's probably better in future just to state that I'm going to leave a round before (say when it comes round to the BB). Although competent players could use this against me, as typically at the end of the session you are less likely to run wild bluffs or get involved in big pots without strong hands. Any thoughts from the readers?

On other news, it was my girlfriends birthday yesterday and we went out to vodka revolution followed by this super-club in Nottingham called Oceana. It was packed, but the music was really good and I had a great time. Not enjoying the hangover today but that's the price you pay i guess. I also brought her a pair of really nice Swarovski earings which looked great! It was nice to spend a bit of my winnings as a gift.

Tonight i'm off to a bar to meet with some friends for a couple of drinks so will probably play a little bit of online cash or a couple of sng's before hand. Got to keep the poker on the brain and the grind on the mind ;).


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