Thursday, 17 June 2010

Deep-Stack Extravaganza

Yo yo,

Pretty happy days, I cashed in the $340 deepstack extravaganza at the Venetian today finishing in 37/660 runners for $850. It's not a huge score but it's a start. I still love this tourney and as long as I still have the motivation and passion I'll try to play it as much as I can whilst I'm here in Vegas. People just dump off chips in this like theirs no tomorrow.

My bustout hand was sort of interesting, but not terribly. Old dude 3x's when we are about around 28-30bb's deep at 3,000/6,000 from the hijack and I flat the cut-off with AdQd. AsJd4d flop and he overshoves all in. Normally I'd be reshipping this flop all day long but he kind of did my job for me. I hadn't a clue what he'd do this with as it was such a large over-bet, but I figured he had something like QQ, KK, flush draws that didn't really want to see a caller and wanted to scoop right there. Well he had AK which is pretty funny as he's literally not getting called by hardly anything worse unless I have this specific combination which even then has sick equity. Liveaments!

To be fair though the only reason I got so deep in this tournament is because people spazzed out like this versus me. For instance about 50 off the money some guy flatted my MP raise when I had QQ about 30 big blinds deep from the big blind. The flop came Q88 and he overshoved all in on the 6bb pot for 30bb's with 22. Must be nice to be me eh!

It's pretty late now so I'm not sure what I want to do tomorrow. I'll see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow but might grind a few online tournaments or might try just chill by the pool during the day and play some live cash at night in the evening somewhere on the strip. I'll see how I feel. Exam results out in 24 hours too...Ahhh!

Gl at the tables all


  1. Why would you grind online whilst you're in Vegas man?! Chill by the pool imo!

  2. I agree with James 100% !!! Not only chill by the pool, but go see some shows, shop like mad, and eat until you can eat no more!!